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Step 2: There is no requirement of copy and paste, the coupon is applied automatically.

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Bluehost Benefits

Bluehost is basically the cheapest and the most dependable hosting site when compared with its counterparts. You must have noticed that you will never get features like multiple domain hosting, free domains, Adwords credit all at only $3.49 with the Bluehost coupon code.

Ease and productivity is in perfect harmony when you check the demonstration of Bluehost in the control panel. People who are absolute beginners will also be able to use the control panel easily within seconds. CMS installation scripts and site builder tools are present to make the work much simpler and faster.

If still you face any kind of issues or you get stuck somewhere, 24X7 customer -support is present to fix those issues for you in a fraction of seconds. You can easily contact customer care through phone call, email or live chat.

As said every rose has multiple thorns, Bluehost is no exception to this. Along with many advantages, there are some minor disadvantages also. However, they are few are far between and many users tend to ignore them for the large benefits Bluehost coupons provide.

Bluehost Plans

Bluehost offers a variety of awesome plans and services.  They provide complete web hosting solutions for everyone; from the businessman to the individual desiring overall functionality on a small budget. The entire gambit of service plans and products they provide includes, shared web hosting, pro web hosting, optimized hosting for word press, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting and Domain Names.

The optimized hosting for WordPress is an amazing managed hosting service built on Bluehost’s remarkable VPS solution, and has many valuable add-on products which together create a powerful platform for hosting blogs and building websites. There are 4 major plans for every category of user including; beginner, professional, Business and Enterprise. Each designed keeping in mind the specific needs and goals, including ram, storage, security, Monthly network bandwidth and more.

All Bluehost plans offer extremely simple and easy to use and are completely secure. In addition, the VPS technology is simply amazing, You have access to instant provisioning, guarantees resources, enhanced cPanel, backups, dynamic upgrades and customs technology, Could you really ask for more?

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Innovative Web Hosting Technology

As per knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals, Bluehost is an amazing provider of web-hosting services. Bluehost’s powerful Linux hosting showcases innovative state-of-the-art infrastructure, 99.99% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money guarantee. 3 different plans are offered including, standard, business and pro for different domain capabilities. The linux hostings are equally powerful and useful, except for relatively limited domain capabilities.

The Company has successfully created a niche for itself in the years.  The main reason behind their profound success is their state-of-the-art technologies they use to deliver the quality services they have promised to the customers. The company has been in the industry since 1996 and is the eldest provider of web hosting services. And, the company continues to thrive after all those years due to the great services it offers at extremely competitive prices.bluehost review

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

You can get started with optimized hosting for WordPress with just $12.49 for the month. Bluehost has perfectly tuned into WordPress frequency and works seamlessly as well as provides amazing functionality.  The hosting is built on Bluehost’s powerful VPS technology. It is extremely fast, unbelievably simple to use and completely secure. In addition to the abundance of ram, storage and the number of WordPress sites you can host, among other things provided, Bluehost’s trained WordPress experts provide Expert support 24*7 , which is both professional and has that personal touch.

Spam-Assassin E-Mail Filtering

Bluehost offers two spam fighting tools – Spam-Assassin and Spam Experts as a free service on its hosting accounts. These tools can be enabled on the cPanel. However, it is suggested and recommended that users activate and use only on tool and not both together. Both these free tools are extremely proficient at scanning the content of email messages, going through words, phrases and different email format and templates that are popular and commonplace among spammers. After the scanning is complete, the tool will dedicate a score to an email depending on the likelihood of it being spam. Based on this information, you can then decide and determine what level or what score you want to allow into your inbox.

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Bluehost Advantages

When it comes to pricing, Bluehost’s services are very much affordable by all. And now, especially with the many Bluehost coupons on offer, there is no doubt that they are constantly trying to aid customers.  Bluehost has kept things simple for its consumers by offering a single shared hosting plan as compared to its competitors who offer varied plans which ultimately confuse the users.  Single shared hosting plan is already available at economical price but when you apply the Bluehost coupon code it is the added icing on the cake.

It is also worthy to note that the features provided by the company are same for all the users and do not vary with the plan that you choose. There is a ‘pro’ plan which does offer some additional benefits but comes at a slightly higher cost. The single plan is sufficient to meet the needs of a newbie and of an experienced web-based professional equally.

Apart from the normal features like unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, there are many extraordinary features provided. These are discussed below.

Free Domain – Will you get this offer with any other company? When you buy Bluehost hosting you get a domain name absolutely free of cost. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Multi-domain hosting – You can host as many domains as you want in a server. This feature is a gift for all the bloggers across the board.

Credit of $100 for Google Adwords– This credit helps in promoting your site or website efficiently and effectively on Google.

Apart from these amazing features, there are many other benefits of choosing Bluehost hosting.

Here are a few of Drawbacks:

The single-plan-price method is a very practical approach by Bluehost but this causes some difficulties in the future. For example, if in the future you wish to extend the ability of your server but do not wish to purchase VPS, then it would be difficult to carry on with Bluehost as the single plan of Bluehost is less productive by that time.

Anytime Money back Guarantee

Unlike many other web hosting service providers, Bluehost does not believe in roping people into multiple year contracts. On the contrary, Bluehost feels unsatisfied customer deserves the option and the right to get his money back without any hassles.  Their policies regarding cancellations are in plain sight and there are no hidden charges. You get a complete refund if you cancel your Bluehost account within 30 days of opening the account. Over and above this,  you can cancel at any time you feel and your money will be returned to you on a prorated basis (i.e if you have used the account for 10 days then, you get 20 days of service refunded to you; that is assuming the account is on a monthly basis).

Last Word About Bluehost

In my experience, Bluehost is definitely one of the supreme, cost-efficient and dependable host providers on whom you can rely upon for your blog or website. After you use the discount coupons, you will realize that it is the best provider for all your hosting requirements. Money-back guarantee that Bluehost provides is loved and appreciated by all, including me. However, if at any point of time, you do not wish to continue with the services, money will be given back. This kind of feature is provided only because Bluehost is confident about the functionality and quality of services it offers to its esteemed users.

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In addition to all the amazing features mentioned above, there is one more feature that encourages the use of Dedicated IPs. By spending a mere amount of $30, you can own a dedicated IP address for your blog or website. From my many years of experience in hosting, I can conclude by saying that Bluehost is definitely the optimum hosting provider and the best solution for all your shared hosting requirements. Also, if you think you need to upgrade to VPS or need to have a dedicated server, you can add those features as well. Bluehost discounts are simply unparalleled, but there is a time limit, So, hurry and get your discount today!